Tax Scams on the Rise

There has been a heavy increase in tax scams over the past couple of years. Some have been around a while, but identity thieves are always developing new ways to harvest your info. The IRS keeps a list of scams that target taxpayers at

Just this last Monday the IRS warned of a new scam being mailed to taxpayers. The letter comes in a cardboard envelope, with the IRS logo and a notice that you have an unclaimed refund. These should be disregarded. If you are interested in checking your refund status you can use the “Where’s my Refund” on the IRS website (the link is always on our resources page as well).

There is a company that mails out letters to Hawaii entities saying they can file your annual report for $160. But you can file this report yourself, and it costs around $13.50 on the DCCA website. The letter looks very official (see below), but please be aware that this is a scam!

If you ever have a question if something is legit, please contact us!